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IconExiles Dream Bridge
Name Dream Bridge
Founded 11/30/13
Realm Olyssia (NA)
Guild Level N/A
Leader Gyrodat
Guild Officers Whimsy Spook
Target PvE PvP
Levels All - Mostly 50.

Guild InformationEdit

Dream Bridge is (at the moment) a small community type guild. Our main focus is to make friends and have fun while doing so. We are not focused on one type of game play. We will have both a Raid group and a PvP team (Which we are actively seeking leaders for) and we will not exclude any member that wants to be a part of the fun. (Though requirements such as gear, voice chat, etc. may be asked of you and a main raid group will also be formed).

If you would like to join Dream Bridge, please send us an email, at the address listed at the bottom of the page. We accept applications from all who are interested. Please include the following in your email:

  • Player Name
  • Position Applying for (Raid Member, Raid Leader, Casual, Recruitment Officer, etc.) (Positions are listed at bottom of page)
  • Why you chose Dream Bridge
  • Any suggestions to further contribute to the success of our guild

Guild Progress and Achievements Edit

As the guild progresses on Nexus, this section will be updated. This will include things like raids conquered, PvP victories and feats, and just other general noteworthy achievements Dream Bridge achieves.

History Edit

Dream Bridge is a small group founded by five college students on November 30, 2013 and is dedicated to gaming.

Raiding Edit

We are currently seeking a dedicated Raid Leader. The raid leader would be responsible for scheduling raids and leading them to victory. The raid leader will have first choice (along with the other higher authorities of the guild participating) who will be included in the main raid group -- and who will not. The raid leader will the guild leader (Gyro) for now, but we are looking for someone to fill this role ASAP

Raid Schedule:

  • Monday: 7-10pm MDT
  • Wednesday: 7-10pm MDT
  • Thursday: 7-10pm MDT

PvP Edit

Guild Rules Edit

Guild Leaders Edit

  • Gyrodat - Guild Master and founder
  • Whimsy Spook - Officer and co-founder

Recruitment and Guild PositionsEdit

We are currently accepting applications from anyone interested. Closer to launch, we specify further what we need to fill our PvE and PvP teams.

Positions we are focusing on filling right now are as follows:

  • Casuals - Casual players are very welcome and are an excellent part of the community
  • Raiders - Players wishing to focus on the raiding aspect of the game
  • Raid Leader - A leader, who schedules raids and has authority in regards to how the raid is put together and run
  • PvPers - Players wishing to focus on the PvP aspect of the game
  • PvP Leader - A leader, who puts together a team and beats up all the other teams

To Apply, -- or if you have questions -- please email us at:

External links Edit

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