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IconExiles Double Decker Disaster
Name Double Decker Disaster
Founded 2/23/2014
Realm Eko (EU)
Leader eharper256
Guild Officers Greatheart, Kaeret
Target PvE
Website Double Decker Disaster

About DDD Edit

Who We Are

Double Decker Disaster (DDD) is a PvE/social/casual/Exile guild playing on Eko, an EU-PvE realm. Our guild is UK/GBR based, but we have members from all around the EU region. While our main focus is PvE and social fun, we partake in all aspects of WildStar including housing, crafting, adventures, dungeons, raiding, PvP arena/battlegrounds, warplots, etc.

DDD is led by a guild leader/officers who aim to maintain a family atmosphere, rather than a corporation. That isn't to say that we don't strive to do our best in whatever we do, but we certainly do not approach things in a semi-hardcore/hardcore manner. Our guild leader and supporting officers all have personal lives/schedules (just like everyone else), but are dedicated to the guild and endeavor to be online regularly (most nights, in fact), even if only long enough to touch base with members.

In short, our goal is to have fun playing WildStar together by maintaining/providing a friendly and lively environment during all guild events and general activities.

Guild Events

Besides game-generated events and activities, DDD also organizes guild events and competitions including, but not limited to, holiday celebrations, PvP tournaments, races, treasure hunts, housing challenges, trivia games, screenshot/caption contests, etc, where people can get together, get to know one another and just have a good time!


DDD utilizes Vent as its primary VOIP during 5-man+ content. While listening during these organized events will be required, speaking is not mandatory (though encouraged).

Recruitment: CLOSED

External Links Edit

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