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IconExiles Die Trying
Name Die Trying
Founded 2/1/2014
Realm Widow (NA)
Guild Level 1
Leader Mosus
Target PvE PvP
Accounts 15+
Special Oceanic
Restrictions At least 18 y/o
Website Die Trying

About the Guild Edit

Die Trying is a group of gamers who value the quality of playing in an enjoyable community over anything else. Sure we've always been skilled with our characters and have countless success stories under our belts, but what fun is a game if you don't have "fun" to begin with?

WildStar Mission Statement Edit

DIE TRYING will maintain a large presence on Nexus within a PVP server while engaging in PVX activities. We will be playing with the Exile faction upon launch. Server selection will be based on where the unofficial oceanic server is. Playing this server will maximize our active online window.

Raid Schedule Edit

As of right now our tentative raiding times for WildStar will begin at 9:00 PM EST.  Because our membership numbers are increasing at a steady rate, this time may change to suit the needs of our guild.  Of course, we want to ensure that we can get maximum participation at raiding events.

Goals and Features Edit

  • Long-term goals include a large raiding presence and dedicated PVP teams.
  • Primary goal is to have fun and play W* as a team
  • Casual environment. We have real lives, families, and jobs. RL comes first, always.
  • Active hours are almost 24/7, but most members are on around the US EST time zone
  • We recruit the PERSON not the TOON
  • Most of our members have an extensive game library that includes DayZ, War Thunder, Cards Against Humanity, Minecraft, Planetside 2, and many more.

Membership Requirements Edit

  • Age 18+
  • Fluent in English
  • Capable of using TS on a regular basis
  • Maturity: We have a low tolerance for disrespectful behavior
  • Willing to commit 10+ hours a week to play time

Contact Information Edit

Post an inquiry at our web site or send an email to the Guild Leader (WorkHorse) at


External links Edit

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