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IconDominion Derelict Dissension
Name Derelict Dissension
Founded 01/01/2014
Realm Widow (NA)
Leader Kray'zee
Guild Officers HawaiianFlame, BigGravyBoat, Coffi
Target PvP PvE
Accounts 15+
Levels 1-50
Country USA
Special EST
Restrictions 18+, Ventrilo
Website Derelict Dissension
Mission Statement

Maybe it's just the general direction of MMOs: pick a PvE or PvP server, and then be forever defined or limited by that choice. It's seemingly a paradox to be genuinely interested in both PvP and PvE. But why can't we want to play (and excel) on a PvP server and yet still be accomplished at PvE encounters as well?

With that in mind, we're planning on having an active presence in Warplots as well as regular PvP, and we're also recruiting with an eye towards forming a competent raid team. We may log a lot of hours into the game, but we're not "hardcore" in the traditional sense- we have families, we have jobs, and we do things that don't involve our computers. We understand that real life happens. We're laid back, we don't like drama, and we don't care if you have one toon or five, as long as you're having fun.

Those of us in DD come from a varied gaming background- we've played SWG, CoX, WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, and so many other games we can't possibly list them all. We've played tanks, heals, and dps, and we know the value of playing a class and role that you enjoy, especially if it means switching it up now and then. We're flexible. We are by no means elitists: we're not gonna hit any server firsts (or seconds, or thirds... you get the point) and we're not going to rant and rage because you're missing a piece of gear. 

Our goal is just simply progression, no matter what we're applying ourselves towards at the moment, and enjoying ourselves while we're doing it.

If that's how you feel as well, welcome to Derelict Dissension. Where we're not bound by labels, and we play what we want to when we want to. We're all friends here. So relax, pull up a chair, log into WildStar with us, and have some fun.

We are actively recruiting:

  • All Levels
  • All Classes
  • All Roles

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