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IconDominion Deceitful Awakening
Name Deceitful Awakening
Founded 10/20/2008
Realm Pergo (NA)
Leader Kraze, Ezark
Guild Officers EmoTina, Vultein
Target PvE PvP
Country USA
Restrictions 18+, Mumble
Website Deceitful Awakening

Tank DPS
Warrior High High
Engineer High High
Stalker High High
Healer DPS
Medic High High
Spellslinger High High
Esper High High

Deceitful Awakening is a Semi-Hardcore gaming community focusing on clearing current end game PvE content while excelling at all other aspects of the game. Our target content is 20 man raiding while branching into 40 man content and Warplots.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking talented players for raiding and pvp . Desired qualities include, but are not limited to, dedication, punctuality, accountability, and persistence. But above all we are looking for people who fit in with our group. We are all adults and as such we use adult language and adult humor. We bust each others balls. We love to laugh and goof off. But when it is time to buckle down and tackle something tough, we know how to put on our game faces and get the job done.

Are you looking for a progression guild, but are tired of all the drama that comes with a hardcore guild? Then we might be the guild you are looking for. Stop by our website and check us out.

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