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IconDominion Blackhearts
Name Blackhearts
Founded 1/4-2014
Realm Ascendancy (EU)
Leader Ixsun
Co-Leader Jatrazz, Grekan
Target PvE Raid
Levels 1-50
Country Denmark
Special Danish
Restrictions Danish speaking. Age 18+, TS3 if you are raiding (Microphone not required)
Website Blackhearts

Who are we Edit

Blackhearts is a new danish semi-hardcore casual-friendly raid guild, which means, that focus is primarily raids, but there is also room for casual players looking for a guild to be social with. It doesn't matter if you are raiding or not, there is room for everyone, raiding is not required to join.

The guildleader and officers have experience from other MMO's, and we previously played SWTOR and Rift together, but are now moving on to WildStar. Besides SWTOR and Rift some of us have also played Everquest 1 and 2, World of Warcraft to name a few, but have played many more than that.

Future plans Edit

Of course we need to get more members in the guild, but the current plans are so far to start raiding at some point. Depending on how everything goes we might split raids up, so we can do raids for both the casual and the hardcore players.

Casual raids will be for those that want relaxed raids, with room to talk and fool around, pretty much just raids where we can have fun with each other.

Hardcore raids or progression raids will, as the name says, be raids for the hardcore people. This is not the place to fool around with each other, and there will be rules and probably requirements for joining these.

Raid schedule Edit

Currently we plan on doing raids Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 19.00 and 22.00, but this is not completely set in stone yet, it might be changed if need be.

How to join Edit

Go to our forum, make a user and apply for membership. 

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