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IconDominion Barghest Omen
Barghest Omen Logo
Name Barghest Omen
Realm Nexus (NA)
Leader Darkaga
Guild Officers Jawsh(Raid Lead)

Hadder (Bank Officer)

Target PVE
Website Barghest Omen

About Us Edit

Barghest Omen was founded in 2006 during Early-TBC World of Warcraft. Across that time we have been led by a stable core that has built up experience with a variety of roles and situations. Now were focusing on Wildstar and looking for some new players to come along.

While we don't classify ourselves as Hardcore, Casual, etc. we are serious when it comes to raids and personal responsibility. If you are the kind of player with the drive to better your gear, fine tune your professions and get the most out of your class then you will excel with us. We believe in helping our members get the best from themselves but carrying players is not going to happen.

It is also our belief that no Guild can be successful at all aspects of the game. We will be focusing on progression raids, not Warplots, Arena teams or other endeavors. Many of our members are interested in these things and are free to pursue them; however the Guild's energy and resources will be spent downing bosses.

Guild Progress Edit

To Be Updated after Launch

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

Note - all times are CST

Monday 9pm - 1am (Only used at the start of progression)
Tuesday 9pm - 1am
Wednesday 9pm - 1am
Thursday 9pm - 1am

Current Needs Edit

  • Tanks - Closed
  • Healers - Limited
  • DPS - Open

Officers Edit

Darken - Guild Master
Jawsh - Raid Leader
Exxcar - Recruitment
Hadder - Bank Officer

External Links Edit

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