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IconDominion Ansible
Name Ansible
Founded 12/12/13
Realm Evindra (NA)
Leader Myoshin
Co-Leader Rbean, Panopticus, Carney
Target PvP PvE RP
Accounts 40+
Levels 0-50
Restrictions 18+
Website Ansible

Who we areEdit

Ansible banner

We welcome casual and hardcore players, with almost any endgame interest. The founding members of the guild are all MMO veterans: some bring extensive raid experience, others have hundreds of hours of PvP under their belts, others are master roleplayers and excellent storytellers.  We all just happen to be really nice people, to boot.

  • In Ansible PvE, we aim to enable casual players to experience more content than they otherwise might, in a friendly environment, surrounded by experienced, available, and easily identified veterans and experts.  At the same time, we want to be a competitive force, tackling the most difficult content in the game.   We believe we’ve struck a balance that will enable us to meet both of those goals.

  • In Ansible PvP, we aim to create a friendly and competitive environment where players are compelled to excel. Ansible is always open to recruiting passionate pvpers and individuals who are committed to making a positive impact upon the Wildstar PvP community.  We have multiple arena teams, guild battleground pre-mades, and an ongoing guild-wide fight club with a championship belt. While these activities are a large part of our PvP focus, our primary goal is to develop an efficient and deadly Warplot team.

  • In Ansible Roleplay, the guild maintains an on-going guild storyline, informed by its members and its interactions with other guilds on the server.  We hold ourselves to a high standard in our interactions with other roleplayers.  We maintain summaries of guild-hosted episodes, hold a storehouse of play-by-post roleplay and Wildstar-based fiction, and strive to create a welcoming environment for roleplayers of many stripes.  We've created an in-game circle dedicated to in-character interactions and hope to generate productive relationships with other roleplay guilds in game.

Our guild takes a corporate structure, with distributed authority and responsibility for various guild functions.  We’ve taken this approach in part to reduce administrative burden on our officers, but also to encourage the participation of our members in defining guild policies and priorities.  We strongly feel that engagement of our members in committee discussions and leadership decision-making enables transparency and eliminates some of the drama involved in day-to-day guild life.

If you have questions about the guild, please contact us in-game or our social media.

Twitter - @ansiblews

Facebook - AnsibleWS

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