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IconExiles Aeon Knights
Aeon knights
Name Aeon Knights
Founded July 6th 2006
Realm Hazak (EU)
Leader Pybo
Co-Leader Bibje
Guild Officers Ocelot, Cody
Target PvE, PvP
Members 60+
Accounts 60+
Levels 1-20 (Beta) 1-50 (Closed beta)
Restrictions 18+ With Teamspeak.
Website Aeon Knights

​About Aeon Knights Edit

Aeon Knights is a gaming community that was found in 2006 during the beta of Lotro, today Aeon Knights  is a European MMO Community with several strong divisions that include TESO and SWTOR. Recently we have begun putting in place the infrastructure to expand our community with a Wildstar Division. We are seeking motivated prospects to fill our roster.

What do we offer? Edit

An experianced gaming community with members from all types of gaming backgrounds.

We have a dedicated Teamspeak3 server and website -

We can also be found on Twitter -


​Guild Social Event's Edit

The officers have been working hard to keep the guild interested in the game and, with some event's, get the guild working together. So their will be weekly and monthly events, both involve winning money and item's.

How to Join Edit

If your interested in joining a well organised gaming community visit our website to fill out a quick Application Form.

Weekly Raid Schedule Edit

7pm - 10pm GMT
2-3 Day's a week.

​Weekly PvP Schedule Edit

Warplots 1-2 time's a week
Day's and time's TBD

Raid Progression Edit

  • Genetic Archives -
  • Datascape -

External links Edit

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