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IconDominion Addiction
Name Addiction
Realm Pergo (NA)
Target PvE
Website Addiction


Addiction is always recruiting exceptional players. Have what it takes? Apply here


We're the guild of gamers who were there for MUDs, Doom, Action Quake 2, Everquest. We've witnessed the evolution of MMO's from the beginning. We're the generation of gamers who have been around since the start, and are at the forefront of online gaming. For half a decade, Addiction has thrived during its journey through multiple MMO's, dominating each. From server-first to world-first accomplishments, we've cut through our competition.

Addiction is a guild thought out from the ground up to reward dedicated players. The more effort you put into improving your character the more recognition you will gain through our internal ranking system. Or simply join to be in an environment where improvement is encouraged and supported, rather than spending endless hours being frustrated while everyone around you ignores the importance of their spec, gear, and earns their DKP playing Xbox during raids.

Weekly Raid Schedule (EST)

  • Monday 9pm - 12pm
  • Tuesday 9pm - 12pm
  • Wednesday 9pm - 12pm
  • Thursday 9pm - 12pm

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