Grove Guardian

Elemental mineral monstrosities native to Nexus, Gronyx are a threat to miners, geologists, and anyone who settles too close to the mountainous regions of the planet. They do not appear particularly intelligent, nor do they use tools or technology, but gronyx are fiercely territorial. They can swing their massive fists like clubs and hurl huge boulders and chunks of ice at any creatures that intrude upon their domain.

Physical Description Edit

Gronyx are massive - far larger than even the Granok - but are missing many ordinary features common to ordinary humanoids, a feature common among elementals on Nexus. They tend to take on characteristics of the dominant minerals in a given area. If loftite is particularly prominent in a region, for example, the local gronyx will take on a bluish tint, while others resemble metamorphic rock more than crystalline elements.

Origins Edit

Their aggressive nature and massive size makes gronyx difficult subjects for study, so their origins are so far purely hypothetical. Some scientists believe they are creations of the Eldan, living incarnations of primal power. Others suspect they may have naturally evolved from the raw primal energy infusing the planet's surface.

Stoneridge Boulders Edit

Scans indicate the Stoneridge boulders - a subspecies of gronyx found in Ellevar - are infused with a unique balance of three primal powers of life, water, and earth. The specific ratio of these three primal powers is constant across a sample of individuals, indicating they did not evolve naturally, but must have been created by the Eldan - perhaps to act as some sort of sentinels.

Subspecies Edit

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