IconExiles  Green Thumb
Type Quest
Queen Myala Everstar
Queen Myala Everstar
Level 2
MinLevel 1
Location GreenhouseGambler's Ruin
Experience 110
Rewards 1IconSilver
Feet per class
Episode The Front Lines
Previous To the Defense
Next The High and Mighty
Dominion attackers are burning crops in the Arkship's Greenhouse. Queen Myala Everstar has asked you to save veggies from the spreading flames and kill the Chua invaders that are incinerating them before the Exile food sources are completely destroyed.

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Chua Incinerators and Chua Saboteurs in the Greenhouse
  • Rescue veggies in the Greenhouse
  • Lead the veggies to a safe planter in the Greenhouse
  • Tracking Rescued + Following Vegies

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Notes Edit

As you rescue the veggies, they will follow you. Be sure to lead them to the planter and not back to Myala. The Planter is located at the location 1 mark, and is a green circled area.

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