IconDominion  Governor Aluviel  IconDominion
Governor Aluviel
Gender Male
Race Luminai
Level 50

Governor Aluviel is the current administrator of the province of Auroria. He is a member of House Azrion and a distant cousin to Emperor Myrcalus. In addition, he is also beloved by the Lowborn citizens of Dominion . During his time on Auroria, he faced various problems, which included a plague outbreak in Hycrest.

Personality Edit

Aluviel showed calm and rational manners in dealing with problems in his province. He also showed pragmatic choices for the survival of Hycrest, even if it means containing Lowborn villages from infecting other settlements. Though he distributed the first batch of antidotes to the Highborn families, he ordered the remaining portions to the few Lowborn plague victims and notified the communities on the mass production of antidotes.

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