Fraz are bizarre, space-borne life forms that are equally at home in the airless Halon Ring or toxic landscapes on Nexus. They are not particularly intelligent, but are well-suited for deadly environments. They are not native to the Eldan world - variations can be found in the asteroids of many star systems - but the varieties found on Nexus are notably larger and more aggressive than the ordinary galactic variety. Whether this is due to Eldan experimentation or simple evolution has yet to be determined. A fraz resembles a floating jellyfish, with long, dangling tendrils that can deliver a stunning electric shock or deadly poison, among other defenses. Adult fraz bodies are markedly different (and more buoyant) than their youthful "frizlet" forms, which tend to be land-bound and almost resemble arachnids.

Frizlets Edit

Elderoot Frizlet

Elderoot Frizlet

Immature Fraz are known as frizlets. They hatch from eggs laid on space rocks and asteroids, but cling to the surface of their birth homes to hunt other, smaller spaceborne organisms until they enter a pupal stage. Once they emerge as adults, they no longer possess legs for walking, but instead can float and use stinging tendrils to attack their enemies. Fraz rarely protect their young, leading scientists to believe that their intelligence is not nearly as developed as their deadly physiological defenses.

Frizlet Necropsy Edit

A scanbot necropsy of this dead frizlet shows a curious evolutionary development. Although these frizlets are similar in shape and appearance to immature fraz, they have actually ceased growing, and are for all intents and purposes functional adult fraz in frizlet bodies. Further research will be needed to determine how many frizlets are reaching immature adulthood, and why. Unintentional pollution or ecological sabotage are potential causes, but so are the accelerated mutation rates found in many creatures on Nexus.

Subspecies Edit

Elderoot Frizlet

Glitchbyte Thrasher - Celestion - Nanite Repository

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