IconDominion  Fragmented Memory
Type Quest
Level 13
MinLevel 10
Location Exo-Lab A37Deradune
Rewards 7IconSilver 83IconCopper
Episode A Place for Everything
Previous Security Sync
Next Organic Dismemberment

Objectives Edit

Use the teleporter to travel to the information station in Exo-Lab A37 Gather Memory Core Fragments from External Memory Core in Exo-Lab A37 Synchronize the Information Avatar with the Memory Core Fragments in Exo-Lab A37 Return to the main level of Exo-Lab A37

Description Edit

The Caretaker is unable to produce Exo-Lab A37's files on augmentation. Its memory core has fragmented. The virtual program has asked you to travel to the information station in Exo-Lab A37 to collect its memory core fragments and sync them with the Information Avatar.

Progress Edit

You restored the Caretaker's memory care and synced him with the Information Avatar. He is now able to access the files on augmentation.

Completion Edit

Return to The Caretaker inExo-Lab A37

External links Edit

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