(A collection of Flamewalker leaders have recorded diaries on this ancient Eldan datachron. Much of the data has degraded, but some text is recoverable.)

The Masters have left us. Why? Where have they gone? Their faithful servants await their next orders, yet we have received no word. The great machines still function. The grand experiments are still in progress. The project proceeds on schedule.

We have no choice. This must be a test Another experiment The Eldan seek to discern if their Pell are loyal and capable. I shall lead us through this test with devotion to the Masters. The work continues. The Pell are faithful.

(The next decipherable entry appears to have been recorded more than three centuries after the previous recording.)

The Flamewalkers tribe is powerful. I am most powerful of all for I know the secrets of the Masters' machines, a secret passed down from the first leader. While other Pell scrape and mewl, the Flamewalkers tribe delves into the mysteries of the primal powers. And I, the great priest of the Flamewalkers, have conceived a plan to make the Masters return to us! If we are to see the Masters again, we must tame the terraformer. Only when we possess the power of the Masters will they reveal themselves to us once more!

(The next decipherable recording dates nearly a four hundred years after the previous entry.)

I, High Priest of the Flamewalkers, sing the glory of the Masters! After many long centuries, and many high priests before me, the time draws near. We have found the way to give life to the Great Terraformer. We will bring fire to the sky, and our hearts will know the secrets of the gods. And then the Masters will have to return to us!

(One final entry appears to be much more recent)

The Great Machine burns the ground beneath us. The Great Machine creates new stone and soil. The Great Machine is not the god of the Flamewalker Pell. It is our servant. Soon we will consume this world in fire, and we will become the Masters!

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