Flame Burst
Icon skillspellslinger flame burst
Range 35.0 m
8 sec cooldown
Required Level: 15
Deal x magic damage to 5 foes.

Usable after landing a Critical Hit.
Tier Upgrade
Normal: +x damage
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Landing a magic attack reduces Flame Burst's cooldown by 0.50s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Landing a hit on foes that are under the effects of your Ignite deals an additional x magic damage every 1.0s for 2.0s.

Individual Tier Bonus Edit

Damage increase for each Tier.
Tier Damage Increase
Base 43.02%+22.94 +0.99%
Tier 1 44.01%+22.94 +1.98%
Tier 2 45.00%+22.94 +2.97%
Tier 3 45.99%+22.94 +3.96%
Tier 4 46.98%+22.94 +4.95%
Tier 5 47.97%+22.94 +5.94%
Tier 6 48.96%+22.94 +6.93%
Tier 7 49.95%+22.94 +7.92%
Tier 8 50.83%+22.94 +8.91%

Spell Surge Edit

There is no current Spell Surge bonus for Flame Burst.

External links Edit

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