IconExiles  Fiery Distraction
Type Quest
Commander Durek
Level 4
MinLevel 1
Location Coldburrow CavernNorthern Wilds
Rewards 1IconSilver 58IconCopper
Choose one
Coldburrow Pantaloons
Headed Arctic Overboots
Polymer Commando Boots
Coldburrow Pants
Episode Shipwrecked
Previous Scattered Supplies
Next Contact with Thayd

Objectives Edit

Grab a Burning Torch outside Coldburrow Cavern Burn Skeech Hut outside Coldburrow Cavern

Description Edit

Commander Durek at Settler's Reach wants you to set fire to Skeech Hut as you leave Coldburrow Cavern. That should keep the Skeech too preoccupied to follow you back to the survivors.

Progress Edit

The Skeech Huts have gone up in smoke, distracting the foul Skeech so they won't follow you back to Settler's Reach.

Completion Edit

Return to Commander Durek at Settler's Reach.

External links Edit

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