Though its berries - which appear for a short growing season once a year - are known to produce a flavorful variety of wine popular in Nexus starports, the Fiera Flower is best known for its primary defense mechanism, which is still not well understood. When threatened, this Nexus native is known to burst into flames, and while this fire does no harm to the plant itself, any unprotected organics nearby may well catch light.

If the process was fully understood, the fiera could become a potent source of fuel for everything from heating units to starships.

Fiera Flower Defenses Edit

Scans indicate the fiera flower's best known defense mechanism - bursting into flame when threatened - is actually a simple chemical reaction. When its immediate surroundings are suddenly altered in some simple way - such as a sudden increase in temperature, loud noises, or even a shadow falling across its photosensitive cells - the plant releases sap that ignites on contact with the air. This same sap protects the plant itself from catching fire, and will usually burn for as long as the plant is threatened. 

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