This page provides a list of fan sites with descriptions. See also Category:Fan sites for an alternative list of wiki pages about fan sites.

Database sites Edit

These sites provide searchable databases of WildStar game content.

  • WildHeap - some areas still under construction.
  • JabbitHole - mostly complete. has images.
  • WSHead - Rumored WildStar version of WoWHead, by Zam. [1]

Quest Edit

  • WildStar Life at MMORPG Life - has a searchable quest database and fairly complete

Guild Edit

  • GuildEx (community generated) - list of guilds

Theorycraft Edit

Portal, news, and community Edit

These sites offer general news, pages and/or forums about WildStar.

Non-English Edit

Role play Edit

UI Edit

AddOn Edit

Developer Edit

References Edit

  1. New Wildstar Database Site msg 232765, Levi B, May-07-2014, The Guardians ,

External links Edit

DB Edit

Portal Edit

UI and AddOn Edit

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