IconDominion  Fair Trade
Type Quest
Elder Spirit-Walker
Pyrius Octavian
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Larallen HighlandsEllevar
Experience 213
Rewards 2IconSilver 13IconCopper
Reputation +376 Ellevar Sanction
+ Vigilant Chruch
+ 60 Dominion [[]]
Episode The Rising Storm
Previous All In Good Faith
Next Treacherous Territory

Objectives Edit

  • Meet the Stormseeker Arcanist and escort the Lifter to Lightreach Mission
  • Escort Lifter

Description Edit

You have gained the trust of the Elder Spirit-Walker and he has agreed to trade Eldan Technology to you. Speak with the Stormseeker Arcanist to escort it back to Lightreach Mission.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Pyrius Octavian in Lightreach Mission

External links Edit

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