(This malfunctioning copy of the Explorers Union Handbook is stuck on the first page of footnotes.)

1. As first reported by Aurin documentarian Jain Spikeroot in the award-winning holodoc "Burning Harvest The Fireshale Farmers of Cairn Beta."

2. Red, blue, a standard multitool, twelve, a Cassian eel seven, and "pumera punch," respectively.

3. Not to be confused with The Appropriate Response, the popular Chuabilly group known for their hit holotune "Nineteen Nebula Nights," which knocked Vion Septima's "Dominus Reborn" from the top spot after the latter's record-breaking 214-week stay at the top of the galactic charts.

4. Though popularly believed guilty, he was never convicted of the crime in a Dominion court Therefore it was technically a revenge killing rather than a proper execution.

5. "Dreadnaught' Davidar, Broft "Bumbler" Bumstand, and "Sweet Plasma" Sprocketworth were not considered founding members of the union.

6. Bark is not recommended as a sustained source of nutrients, and the publishers of this handbook are not responsible for any allergic reactions that may result

7. Excerpted from "The Man Who Shot Vigilance Lynx" by Kab Drinkmire. Used with permission.

8. A) Yes, B) No, C) Yes, D) Yes, E) Trick question, the so-called Ghost House has been legally removed from historical records, therefore it cannot be considered an official historical source - validity of these resources aside.

9. This is not the first such Mechari/Cassian marriage recorded in Dominion history, just the most high-profile.

10. Excerpted from "Maps are for Amateurs" by Dorian Walker. Used with permission.

11. The cause of the accident was ultimately determined to be neglected maintenance on the spindrive coolant system, although the official story was certainly more inspiring - especially for propaganda purposes.

12. Thirteen.

13. Twelve.


This journal is located in Celestion at  the Explorers Union Headquarters (Exile) 2691,-2550

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