IconExiles  Expensive Diet
Type Task
Miner Harlow
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Crystal ShardsAlgoroc
Rewards 3IconSilver 43IconCopper
Reputation +376 The Algoroc Accord
+30 Exiles

Objectives Edit

Kill Shoveljaw Boulderback near the Crystal Shards

Description Edit

Shoveljaw Boulderback are eating up all the loftite in the Crystal Shards. $(creature=16687) wants you to kill those boulderbacks before they eat up all his profits.

Progress Edit

You've successfully reduced the number of Shoveljaw Boulderbacks in the Crystal Shards region, thereby protecting Miner Harlow's profits.

Completion Edit

Return to Miner Harlow

External links Edit

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