IconDominion  Ever Vigilant
Type Quest
Toric Antevian
Calidor Antevian
Level 1
Location Cathedral of LightDestiny
Experience 100
Rewards 60IconCopper
Episode Public Relations
Previous Purity Shall Prevail
Next The Imperial Museum

Speak with Calidor Antevian, to learn about the Vigilant Church. Choose the virtue you embody most and receive the blessings of Varonia Cazalon before leaving.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Calidor Antevian in the Cathedral of Light
  • Kneel before the shrine of each Virtue within the Cathedral of Light
  • Receive the blessing of Dominus from Varonia Cazalon in the Cathedral of Light

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 60IconCopper
  • 100 XP

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