IconDominion  Enforced Radio Silence
Type Quest
Kezrek Warbringer
Level 6
Location Crimson Isle
Rewards 2IconSilver 23IconCopper
Episode Operation Annihilator
Previous Moving Up
Next Heavy Armor

(Description) To prevent the Exiles from calling for reinforcements, Kezrek Warbringer has ordered you to disable their communications towers at Megatech Station. Accomplish this by destroying the towers' control panels.

Objectives Edit

Sabotage the Tower Controls 0/2

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

It is done! Now the Exiles will hear the sobs of their orphans and the moans of the dying!

Rewards Edit

2 Silver, 23 Copper, Class weapon

Notes Edit

To prevent the Exiles from calling in reinforcements, you'll need to disable the control panels next to their communication towers. Are you ready?

Reply: Leave the towers to me!

Go on then. Follow your orders. Nothing can stop us now.

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