A End User License Agreement, or EULA, is a common term used in computer software for the license agreement intended for the actual user of the software. The agreement stipulates terms that both the user and the software purveyor agree follow for use of the software. The user would usually see and affirm agreement in some way, before being able to continue and play.

Carbine uses a EULA for the users of WildStar that is available for agreement the first time a user opens the game, or when the EULA updated, or in coinciding with major or otherwise significant updates.

The EULA is also view-able at anytime, using EULA button located or the lower left of the player account login screen, in the game.

Notes Edit

  • As of 5/1/2014, the WildStar in-game EULA is self-titled WILDSTAR(r) USER AGREEMENT.

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  • - game EULA WildStar User Agreement (last update October 18, 2012)
  • - website agreement WildStar Rules of Conduct
  • - list of various games agreements for NCSOFT, incl. WildStar
  • - list of general Copyright Notices for NCSOFT, incl. WildStar (last update 2013)

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