IconDominion  Emperor Myrcalus  IconDominion
Title House Azrion
Gender Male
Race Luminai
Type Superior
Location Cryo-Recovery, Destiny
Target 40-Man
Armor Rating 18

Also known as Dominus Reborn, Emperor Myrcalus is the current leader of the Dominion.

Description Edit

Though he only appears to players as an over-sized hologram, Myrcalus shares the same physical qualtities as his Luminai brethren. He has pointed ears, long hair, and is well built.

History Edit

As a young noble, Myrcalus watched with anger as Vorios of House Chaul became the new Emperor, succeeding Jarec of House Azrion despite his suspected involvement in his death. In the ensuing political chaos, Mycalus marched into the throne room, slew Vorios, and became the new Emperor. Henceforth, he was known as Dominius Reborn.

Myrcalus would later precede over the trial of General Zarkuna One-Horn, allowing then Colonel Kezrek Warbringer to duel the accused rather than let him be executed in disgrace.

When Nexus was discovered, he declared it the new capital of the Dominion.

Governor Aluviel is his distant cousin, and Artemis Zin is said to be one of his relatives via Olyssia Zin's marriage to Dominus.

Personality Profile Edit

Myrcalus is known as a fair and just ruler. He demonstrates compassion and understanding throughout the Dominion tutorial, but also shows he is unafraid to mete out punishment when needed.

He is able to speak in the ancient Draken dialect, and their respect for him was apparent when they allowed him into Jarec's throne room.

Appearances Edit

Emperor Myrcalus appears as a quest giver throughout the Dominion tutorial on the Destiny as a hologram. Near the end, it is revealed by Axis Pheydra that Myrcalus is not present on the Arkship in person. His current whereabouts are unknown, though Axis claims to have seen him, on occasion. He later appeared in Grimvault as the player's hallucination where he engaged in a spar with Queen Myala Everstar.

Trivia Edit

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