The concentration of primal powers on planet Nexus has given rise to creatures known as Elementals - manifestations of primal energy so strong that they attain a form of intelligence and identity. Despite this limited sentience, most elementals are not brilliant thinkers but destructive forces of nature that guard concentrated sources of primal power.

Many scientists have hypothesized that elementals are not naturally occurring at all, but creations of the Eldan - or perhaps Eldan technology that is still operating somewhere on the planet. Some have even theorized the Focuses themselves create elementals, but so far there is no definitive proof.

Physical description Edit

Most elementals on Nexus take on roughly humanoid shape, but without the details that would make the resemblance complete. The reasons for this preference in shape is unclear to scientists, but could be related to whatever Eldan technology or primal energy fields cause them to form in such abundance on the planet. There is no single version of the shape, however.

For example, crystalline stone elementals such as the gronyx resemble humanoid giants, but are faceless; while air elementals usually display more sharply defined features, but rather than stand on legs they float on a whirlwind of primal power.

Air Elementals Edit

Air elementals are pure manifestations of primal air commonly found near high concentrations of that element - especially the Focus of Air in Galeras. They resemble concentrated cyclones crackling with lightning and wrapped around a storm of raw electrical instinct. They are extremely dangerous, even to the Pell who worship their kind.

Osiric, the Primeval of Air, is said to be able to command air elementals to do his bidding, but in general they do not require any direction to attack any organic life they can detect.

Air Elemental metabolism Edit

Although elementals of all kinds are aggressive toward organic and AI life forms, they do not consume and eat their victims as a living creature might. Instead, scanner data seems to show that elementals consume raw primal energy, which can sustain them for long periods of time. In Galeras, the air elementals feed directly from the concentrated power of the Focus of Air, resulting in truly powerful and dangerous entities that are a threat to all life in the area.

Gronyx Edit

Main Article: Gronyx

Grove Guardians Edit

The elemental creatures called Grove Guardians can be found in forested regions of Nexus, protecting the natural ecosystem from threats. The variety in Everstar Grove serve to guard the mighty Elderoot, the sentient tree who possesses ancient knowledge of the Eldan and the planet Nexus. Their bodies resemble hulking blue humanoids encased in bone, horn, and antlers. They sometimes wield simple weapons such as clubs.

Guardian, guardian
Leave me be
My daddy left me sittin'
In your old oak tree.
Guardian, guardian
Go away

Mama never said you were
Welcome to stay.
Guardian, guardian
Come no more
And leave your antlers
By the door.

- Aurin climbing song

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