Race Eldan Construct
Type Grunt
Location Everstar Grove

One of the strangest life forms the galaxy has ever known, the ancient Nexus oak called Elderoot is a fully sentient, extremely long-lived tree who has seen thousands of years of history on the planet. Elderoot survived the disappearance of the Eldan, but a recent infestation of terminites in his root system threatens to end his centuries of deep contemplation about the mysteries of the universe. The Aurin of Arboria believe Elderoot's home grove is a sacred site on their new homeworld, and have named the surrounding area after Queen Myala Everstar.

Physical description Edit

Elderoot was once a proud Nexus oak, a relatively ordinary (albeit large) tree species similar to trees on many other worlds. His appearance was drastically altered by the Eldan, first when the researchers of the Elderoot Initiative attached primal infusers to his root system, trunk, and limbs; then again when they used those infusers to flood the old oak with a cascade of raw primal life energy. In addition to sentience, the experiment also fundamentally altered Elderoot's physiology. A knotted section of trunk and bark split off to form a head and face, and he gained the ability to speak.

"It's a great honor to meet a being like Elderoot. His very existence proves we Aurin can find a place here on Nexus. And he's kind of cute."
- Queen Myala Everstar

The Elderoot Initiative Edit

The Eldan's Elderoot Initiative was an early experiment in creating sentient life from nonsentient life - in other words, giving primitive animal sentience to a plant, in this case a large tree. The Eldan learned that flooding a large enough vascular network like the circulatory system of this tree generated a sentient neural network that soon became self-sustaining without sacrificing a long lifespan. It is unknown why the experiment appears to have been abandoned, and Elderoot himself is unable to say due to a parasitic infection in his roots. Whatever the reason, it appears that once he gained sentience the great tree was left to develop on his own.

Trivia Edit

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