IconDominion  Eldan Decryption
Type Quest
Artemis Zin
Level 13
MinLevel 10
Location Leviathan's RestDeradune
Rewards 78IconCopper
Episode Stuck in the Muck
Previous Getting the Band Back Together
Next Hostile Acquisitions

Objectives Edit

Activate the A37 Augmentor in Leviathan's Rest Observe the A37 Augmentor behavior in Leviathan's Rest

Description Edit

Artemis Zin has asked for your help in reactivating an Eldan construct in Leviathan's Rest. She think it may have something to do with the skeledroids.

Progress Edit

You activated the A37 Augmentor and watched as it reanimated a nearby bone pile, revealing itself as the source of the skeledroids in Leviathan's Rest. Fortunately, the Eldan construct overloaded before it could finish creating a skeledroid, destroying itself in the process.

Completion Edit

Return to Artemis Zin in Leviathan's Rest

External links Edit

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