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- We have confirmed the origin of the Strain: a reagent, process, and manifestation of an aggressive exceptionally intelligent biological anomaly that refers to itself as "the Entity. "

- The Entity is keenly interested in the Dominion operative who infiltrated the cave, ostensibly due to the content of said agent's most recent dialogues with Drusera.

- Based on the aforementioned exchanges, it is our assessment that the Entity is capable of independently creating life through the imprinting and subsequent corruption of a target organism's "primal pattern."


Our investigation into the disappearance of the Eldan has yielded unexpected progress, although admittedly with risk to our own interests. Once again our agent infiltrated a crucial Eldan location via a portal that appeared on the outskirts of Illium. This time, however, instead of making contact with Drusera as before, they encountered a malign presence identifying itself as "the Entity."

Even simply from the recordings and descriptions provided, the disconcerting qualities of this being (or force) are difficult to articulate in mere text. In addition to a physical presence that can only be described as "dread-inducing, " from its speech the being is assuredly of remarkable intelligence. It possesses an intimate knowledge of the Eldan and their activities on Nexus only possible through personal acquaintance. Among its many revelations were the Entity's decisive claims that it was the Eldan's creation, that it had created the Strain, and that the rival creature calling itself Drusera has been deceptive with respect to historical events.

The Entity expressed particular interest in the background and profile of our agent, along with clinical curiosity as to why Drusera had singled this person out. As proof of this, our agent was subjected to a thorough series of scans and trials, from which the Entity purportedly designed Strain mutations that it designated "the Skurge." Their precise function is still uncertain.

What does seem a foregone conclusion is that the Entity played a role in the disappearance of the Eldan, although the full extent of said role has yet to be determined. Based on the data at hand, FCON has been put on high alert and our spies repot similar escalations at many Exile camps. As trusting or predicting the behavior of the Entity, let alone controlling it, remains beyond our current capabilities, we are currently at work discussing feasible responses.


Kezrek Warbringer's proposal during our panel's last session to "disembowel this Entity and feed it its own stomach" is deeply appreciated in both sentiment and technique and we always welcome the input of those in High Command. However, it presumes a timeframe and anatomical considerations that we are not yet at liberty to sanction.


This is a World Store lore item and is locate inside of the Enigma Chamber in Illium at -3240,-1816

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