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Dual Fire
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1.6 sec cast
16 Focus
Range 25 m
5 sec cooldown cooldown
Required Level: 15
Restore (X% + X) health to 5 allies plus deal (X% + X) magic damage to 5 foes.
Spell Surge: Restores (X% + X) health plus deals (X% + X) magic damage.
Tier Upgrade
Normal +(X%) health, +(X%) damage
Surged: +(X%) health, +(X%) damage
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Cooldown is reduced to 1.5s
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Grants Empower to allies and applies Weaken to foes.
Empower: Strikethrough Chance increased by X%.
Weaken: Strikethrough Chance reduced by X%.

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