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(A short note from Mondo to himself, reminding him to try out this bizarre concoction ICI agents stole from Mordesh alchemists. The Zax clearly respects Mordesh alchemy, as it is not clear whether the Chua scientist has actually followed his own directions yet.)

Mondo! This is Mondo. No not that Mondo. Not the other one either. And DEFINITELY not the Anti-Mondo that Mondo discovered during that one experiment where Mondo might just have torn apart the barriers between dimensions before sealing it all back up again with hypermagnetic plasma tape. You know. The Zax!

So, Mondo. Friendly reminder, yes? Mondo drink this potion! Must see what happens.

Minions drink potion, go catatonic. Come back, crazy stories. Talking bones! Ghost skeletons! A hugs empty complex no one else knows about! Doesn't make sense. Mondo must see for Mondo's self!

But first Mondo put on haz-mat suit. Just in case.


This Journal is located in Mondo's Manufactory, Blighthaven (use teleporter) at 1855,-5355

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