IconExiles  Disturbing Data
Type Quest
Chua Datacenters
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location DREDplex: SkyhammerAlgoroc
Rewards 86IconCopper
Reputation +200 The Algoroc Accord
+16 Exiles
Episode Dominion Incursion
Previous Unwelcome Guests (Algoroc)

Objectives Edit

Recover the Project: Skyhammer Designs from Chua Datacenter in DREDplex: Skyhammer

Description Edit

The Chua inventor has the designs for some kind of secret weapon stored in his laboratory. Find the datacenters holding all data connected to DREDplex: Skyhammer and steal the plans; otherwise, the weapon may pose a serious threat to the Exiles.

Progress Edit

You recovered all data pertaining to Project Skyhammer from the Dominion laboratory network and delivered it to Sergeant Kormak.

Completion Edit

Report to Sergeant Kormak via your Datachron

External links Edit

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