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FCON-XAS JOINT op: operation Bigbot

FIELD CONTACT: Doctor Belle walker, XAS

This one oughtta be fun. We got an actual, factual Eldan Annihilator gone crazy not too far from the town of Gallow in Algoroc. Damned thing's blasting its eye beams all over the surrounding area, including an XAS camp FCON's been assigned to protect See, this gigantic Eldan bot- sorry, "construct" the eggheads get all fractured when I call them bots - looks to be part of a bigger complex. An exo-lab. And Doctor Walker says it looks like Exo-Lab 22, whatever the hell that means. Could be Exo-Lab Rowzdower for all I care. Just make sure those scientists make it back in one piece.

A quick threat assessment doesn't turn up anything you haven't been trained to handle: burrowing critters called canimid and Eldan constructs (but they blow up just like ordinary bots.) The main enemy to worry about is that Annihilator. Get some shields on the XAS site, or get them to call that whole thing off and let me blast the site from orbit That'll be sure to put that monster back in its cage.



This journal is located in Algoroc at Belle's Field Lab at 4594,-4050

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