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Listen up, mercs! We got a whole shuttle of Exiles in trouble. You're the folks who get to hit the drop pods and save their sorry butts. Most of the passengers in that ship were humans and Aurin, and most of them are civilians, so don't expect much help when you arrive. Keep an eye out for anyone with real combat training -I do see more than a few on the passenger manifest Someone like that might be a big help dealing with the unexpected.

You heard me, soldiers. We don't know much about this region at all, except the Dominion doesn't seem to want it- most likely because its damn near frozen solid. But the eggheads say they got some mighty interesting scans from underneath the ice. Might be Eldan - and it might be worth checking out Any advantage we can get against the Dommies is an advantage I want.

One more thing. Looks like Deadeye Brightland was on this ship. Now he and me don't always see eye to eye, but he's one of those people to watch for. Not a bad fighter to have in your corner, and he's managed to stay alive in some pretty nasty situations. Of course, he's brought some pretty little wife along to Nexus, so he might not be that interested in getting into too many scrapes. But if the survivors are going to make it we all got to pull together. Like always. Fleets prepping a rescue shuttle right now. When they depart I'll send the signal to light the landing flares. Stay frosy, mercs.


Deployment Orders: Operation Snowfall is a journal found in the Northern Wilds, usually by Granok players as it is located at 4064,-5240 near the Landing Site. It details FCON's game plan for dealing with the crash of an Exile shuttle.

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