IconDominion  Delivering the Bad News
Type Quest
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Location Deradune
Rewards 1IconSilver 71IconCopper
Episode Treachery at Owanee Basin
Previous Lost Mammodin
Next Poacher Hunt

Objectives Edit

Report to Conservationist Caius at Owanee Research Station Eavesdrop on Conservationist Caiuss conversation with his superior, Lord Venator Examine a Goldfang Corpse Examine a Dusktail Corpse Examine a Rusthoof Corpse

Description Edit

Biologist Ari prized Subject A43K has been killed and stripped of valuable parts by persons unknown. Ari has ordered you to return to Owanee Research Station and report your findings to Conservationist Caius.

Progress Edit

As you searched for more evidence of poachers in the area - as well as Lord Venator's involvement in that poaching, Conservationist Caius has been doing his own research.

Completion Edit

Report your findings to Conservationist Caius at the Owanee Research Station in Owanee Basin

External links Edit

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