IconExiles  Deadstar Annihilation
Type Quest
Deadeye Brightland
Level 6
MinLevel 3
Location Deadstar RavineAlgoroc
Rewards 2IconSilver 10IconCopper
Choose one
Annihilator Implant
Deadstar Targeting Assistant
Exile's Vengeance
Reputation +376 The Algoroc Accord
Episode Defend Tremor Ridge!
Next Tremor Ridge Kidnappings

Objectives Edit

NVISIBLE Find and kill Lieutenant Pragg in Deadstar Ravine Kill Deadstar Marauders throughout Deadstar Ravine

Description Edit

The Deadstar Marauders have been attacking Tremor Ridge. Deadeye Brightland recruited you to find their camp and put an end to the Marauder threat lurking in Deadstar Ravine.

Progress Edit

You assaulted the Deadstar Marauder camp in Deadstar Ravine and defeated one of their leaders, Lieutenant Pragg. But his boss, Captain Thokov, is still out there... somewhere.

Completion Edit

Return to Deadeye Brightland in Tremor Ridge

External links Edit

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