Dawngrazers are average-sized, big-horned ungulates that roam grassland regions of Nexus in small family herds. They are a common source of food for the planet's predatory species, from the Falkrin to the dagun to the newly arrived Cassians. Dawngrazer meat is remarkably similar to the endangered Cassian deer, a beloved delicacy for Dominion citizens that is almost impossible to find anywhere but Cassus - and even then, only at the wealthiest dining tables.

Diet Edit

Dawngrazers feed on the abundant plant life of Nexus. They are also believed to have the capability to directly metabolize sunlight, like green leafy plants. No carnivorous dawngrazers have been reported, and the creatures are believed to be relatively harmless unless threatened.

Dawngrazer variations Edit

Sungrazers Edit

Sungrazers are a subspecies of dawngrazers that are both herbivores and photovores. This means they have the ability to feed not only on plants, but also on sunlight itself, using their oversized golden horns as natural solar panels that metabolize light energy. Direct metabolization of light creates a harmless glow that trails behind sungrazers in a glittering wake.

Strawgrazers Edit

Scans indicate that the dawngrazer subspecies designated strawgrazers have developed an unexpected immunity to the Hycrest plague, one of the only local species to have done so. This immunity appears to be a mutation that triggered dormant resistance in the strawgrazer's genes, pushing their immune systems into overdrive and allowing them to resist even simple infections from cuts or scrapes.

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