IconExiles  Dred Reckoning
Type Task
Sergeant Kormak
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location DREDplex: SkyhammerAlgoroc
Rewards 3IconSilver 43IconCopper
Reputation +376 The Algoroc Accord

Objectives Edit

Kill Lead Scientist Pizbo at DREDplex: Skyhammer Kill Lead Scientist Pazbo at DREDplex: Skyhammer

Description Edit

Dangerous Dominion weapons tests are taking place at DREDplex: Skyhammer not far from Tremor Ridge. $(creature=16664) wants you to take out two of the leading scientists.

Progress Edit

You took out the weapon scientists in DREDplex: Skyhammer that were threatening Tremor Ridge.

Completion Edit

Speak to Sergeant Kormak via the Datachron

External links Edit

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