IconExiles  Cryo Crisis
Type Quest
Deadeye Brightland
Victor Lazarin
Level 1
Location Cryogenics BayGambler's Ruin
Experience 120
Rewards 80IconCopper
Episode A Rude Awakening
Next Medbay Mayhem

You've been awakened by Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay of the Gambler's Ruin. Brightland has asked for your help in finding and reviving his wife, Sadie, before she falls victim to the arkship's failing power system.

Objectives Edit

  • Follow Deadeye Brightland in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Activate the Main Power Generator Console in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Activate the Cryo Controls to free Sadie Brightland from her Cryo Controls in the Cryogenics Bay
  • Ride the tram to the Medbay

Rewards Edit

You will gain:

  • 80IconCopper
  • 120 XP

Notes Edit

Once you have logged into the game with your character, you will have a short cut scene where your cryo pod is brought down and you are awakened. Turns out, Deadeye Brightland has been unable to locate his wife's cryo pod and wants your help. After accepting his quest, follow him to a control panel that will be glowing and has a "gear" that is click-able. Right click on the gear, or use F on your keyboard and the pod will be located. Deadeye runs off again. Follow him but avoid the red telegraphs on the ground. Click on the second control panel. Deadeye's wife Sadie is now on a gurney and he says she has the Cryo sickness. He runs off again, this time to seek medical help. Follow him to a transporter. Another cut scene begins.

Upon arrival Deadeye thanks you, then runs off once more, taking you to Victor Lazarin.

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