As downtrodden and filthy the Exiles are, some folks can get even lower. Cramped, with dark, filthy alleyways, bright neon signs advertising who-knows-what, and at least one drunk passed out in the gutter at any given time, if you ever need anything shady, this is the place to be. Things that might compel you to delve into the Exiles' underbelly include:

  • The Big Cheese, who hosts a regular, all-female topless street fight for it and its subjects' entertainment

Thayd Subzones
Academy Corner · Alchemist's Maze · Arborian Gardens · Court of Judgment · Crooked Corners · FCON Headquarters · Fortune's Ground · Lair of the Black Hoods · Mysterious Ruins · Spaceport Horizon · Traverse Tunnels · Walker's Bluff

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