The Crimson Badlands is a level 50 contested zone. It spawns several quests that can be repeated on a daily basis (Dailies, as most would call them.) It is accessed at level 49, from
Crimson Badlands map

Crimson Badlands map

either Thayd or Illium's starports. The map is physically identical to the Crimson Isle, with only minor modifications.


Bloodstone Landing (Exiles)Edit

The entrance and exit to Crimson Badlands from Thayd, Bloodstone Landing is a small camp situated at the base of the transport ship. There are guards around the area that will destroy any hostiles that wander nearby. Amenities here include:

  • Transport back to Thayd
  • Operation: Crimson Badlands Reputation Vendor


Megatech StationEdit

Still standing after all this time, the base has been overrun by the Dreg, now marginally more intelligent thanks to their augments. Exile characters gain quests that involve turning back the defense and communication systems, investigating strange energy signals that is revealed to be the Dreg trying to reactivate the Crimson Annihilator. The players then have to stop them.

Palehusk VillageEdit

The home of the now-augmented Dreg, both factions are tasked with burning down their towers, destroying their equipment, and getting a supply drop and protecting it from assault.

Aggregor's GulchEdit

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Augmentors in the area, they have spawned a gigantic augmented Gronyx named Aggregor the Dust-Eater. Its mass has proven so great that it has split into numerous smaller, less dangerous "Shards of Aggregor."

The player can take a quest to collect their cores for study. The Shards and the core of Aggregor itself are two separate tasks.

Venombite PassEdit

AKA the Overrun Outpost, this valley has been overrun by augmented spiders. The players are tasked with controlling the populations by killing both the adult spiders and burning their eggs. They may also take on the Toxic Empress, should they have 2-3 friends handy.

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