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Crafting skills in WildStar can take many forms, like tradeskills and hobbies, and generally allow players to create and change their own items in the game. Most crafting trades, hobbies or skills can be seen at a Crafting trainer. Tradeskills are started from a Crafting trainer.

Items can be crafted in different ways depending on the tradeskill. Tailor, Armorer, Weaponsmith and Outfitter use Circuit Board Crafting after following a specific blueprint or schematic.  Other tradeskills such as Technologist and Architect use Coordinated Crafting . This process is also used for Cooking. 

In Tradeskills Edit

These are trades your character can learn, up to two of them. Crafting type trades are used to create items used in the game. Gathering type trades, or Harvesting, are used to gather special resources, materials, and items.

Crafting Edit

Gathering Edit

In Hobbies Edit

Hobbies are extra skills anyone can learn, regardless of which tradeskills are picked.

In Enhancement Edit

Like hobbies, these skills also available to everyone and are generally used to enhance existing items.

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