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Councilor Vaelen
Gender Male
Race Luminai
Location Deradune

Councilor Vaelen was a Luminai Noble who arrived in Deradune and met Clanlord Makaza in Firewalker Village. He and the members of Camp Firewalker were murdered in Deradune, evidenced by a warhammer found near Vaelen's corpse. This hammer was known to be owned by Arkos, a Granok mecenary who was captured during the Dominion's raid on their mining operation in Deradune.

Councilor Vaelen's Corpse

Councilor Vaelen's Corpse, killed by a hammer.

The truth behind his demise was he was not murdered by Arkos but possibly Agent Lex due to his lack of programming that prevented him from harming the Luminai. Despite his display of loyal and friendly nature in his visit to Firewalker Village; the holographic recording in the his tent revealed that Vaelen was one of the few remaining members of House Chaul, which was decimated when their patron Vorios the False poisoned Emperor Jarec the Vigilant of House Azrion and nearly brought the Dominion to ruin under his unjust rule. Vaelan and the few remaining Mecharis that are still loyal to the House Chaul were plotting an intrigue against the Dominion until Agent Lex staged an attack on the camp and covered up his act.

Trivia Edit

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