IconDominion  Conservationist Caius  IconDominion
Conservationist Caius
Title The Royal Collegium
Gender Male
Race Cassian
Type Grunt
Level 15
Role Quest Giver
Location Owanee Research Station, Deradune
Coordinates -4669,-432

Conservationist Caius is one of the member of scientists who are responsible for maintaining the animal populations in Deradune to prevent them from being over hunted by Drakens and occasional Marauders' illegal poaching. Unlike other Dominion officials, he was willing to disobey Lord Venator's order to find the poachers, which led to a discovery that he took part in the Marauder's poaching operation. As part of the rules of the Dominion, Caius was allowed to order Lord Venator's death for treason.

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