IconDominion  Conservation Efforts
Type Quest
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Location Deradune
Rewards 1IconSilver 71IconCopper
Episode Treachery at Owanee Basin
Next Lost Mammodin

Objectives Edit

Implant Tracking Chips on Dusktail Hart and Dusktail Grazer in Owanee Basin Implant Tracking Chips on Goldfang Stalker in Owanee Basin Implant Tracking Chips on Ripjaw Thrasher in the Ripjaw Nesting Grounds

Description Edit

Conservationist Caius needs some assistance in cataloguing the animals of Owanee Basin. He's provided you with tracking chips you can use to tag members of the more prominent animal species near Owanee Research Station.

Progress Edit

You used tracking chips to tag a number of animals near Owanee Research Station for Conservationist Caius.

Completion Edit

Report to Biologist Ari at the Owanee Research Station in Owanee Basin

External links Edit

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