The Coalition of Galactic Scientists (or C.o.G.S., for short) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of science and technology for the benefit of everyone. To this end, one of the first rules of C.o.G.S. is to abandon all political ties.

It is not unusual to see both Dominion and Exile races working together peacefully, which can be quite jarring to those that don't know of C.o.G.S. and their number one policy.


As its name implies, C.o.G.S. operates throughout the entire galaxy, both known space and the Fringe. Most of these are expeditions, 6-9 year voyages in deep space in the search of answers and new discoveries.

Sim CoresEdit

C.o.G.S. presence on Nexus is heavily focused on the Sim Cores and the A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E.s within. As of this time of writing, save for two cores, the Coalition searches for and maintains all the sim cores on Nexus.

Notable MembersEdit

Junior Scientist Sylphia BarkberryEdit

An enthusiastic Aurin with big dreams but little to do but chase them. Though she is obedient and quite willing to do the unfabulous grunt work characteristic of actual science, she will happily take on any oppurtunities for more exciting discoveries.

She has two scan-bots, Flotsome and Jetsome.

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