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Clanlord Makaza
Gender Male
Race Draken
Type Challenger
Level 10
Role Quest Giver
Location Tall Rock Point, Deradune
Coordinates -4716,-1551

Clanlord Makaza is the lord of the Bloodfire Clan in Deradune.

History Edit

Makaza served in the Legions before he became the leader of the Bloodfire Clan. During his service in the Legions, he pursued a Granok mercenary named Arkos, aiming to bring him in as a prisoner. At one point, Makaza had an opportunity to bring him in but missed it, giving Arkos his chance to escape. The two enemies would not meet again until Arkos was captured during the Dominion's raid on the Exile's secret mining operation in Deradune. Arkos was presented to Makaza and ordered to be held for the Great Hunt by a Luminai. Despite their rivalry, Makaza held a sort of respect for Arkos.

Makaza also ordered that a Falkrin village in Deradune be razed to the ground, after the Falkrin attacked two emissaries from the Dominion.

Appearance Edit

This NPC can be found in Bloodfire Village, Deradune.

Trivia Edit

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