Chompacabras are a predatory species found only on Nexus. With a frighteningly inverse ferocity-to-size ratio, these diminutive, cuddly-looking omnivores represent an unpredictable menace to Dominion and Exile alike. Though chompacabras are small, they are able to take on creatures many times their size, using their expandable jaws to engulf their food in massive gulps that vanish impossibly down their tiny gullets.

Fortunately for all life on Nexus - and perhaps all life in the galaxy - chompacabras are fairly rare. Most are solitary creatures that rarely interact with their own kind and have never been observed mating or rearing young. It is unknown how their life cycles begin or end, in fact. The mysterious chompacabras will no doubt continue to provide ample subject matter for scientists on Nexus for decades to come.

Appetite Edit

The chompacabras' digestive secret was only recently determined by xenobiologists. Chompacabras possess a hyperaccelerated digestive system that processes food into energy more quickly than it can be consumed - making their digestive tracts essentially bottomless. While this provides incredibly efficient nutrition for the chompacabra, it effectively eliminates whatever the chompacabra eats from existence forever.

Trained Chompacabra Edit

Attempting to train an adult chompacabras to follow commands is impossible at best and lethal at worst. But if they are caught at a young age, chompacabra pups may imprint upon a trainer. If that trainer survives, the chompacabra can grow into a dangerous, albeit diminutive, attack beast. Trained chompacabras are not commonly found in law-abiding communities, but are popular among smugglers, slavers, and space pirates.

Metabolism Edit

While the hyperactive chompacabra metabolism is well-known, the specific mechanisms of that metabolism have proven elusive until now. Initial scan data shows the chompacabra digestive tract is lined with trace amounts of primal fire elements. This lining appears to allow them to metabolize energy from almost any organic substance, even those poisonous to most organics, and do so at a pace that would cause other creatures to spontaneously combust.

Chompacabra Survival Rates in Whitevale Edit

The chompacabras of Whitevale are exceedingly well-adapted to the cold environment. Scans show this is less a matter of evolution over a short period of time and more to do with the chompacabra's incredibly hyperactive metabolism, which allow the creatures to survive in almost any environment with little difficulty. Provided they have a ready source of food nearby, that is - and Whitevale is certainly full of prey for a hungry predator like the chompacabra.

Subspecies Edit

Media Edit

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